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Adwin Singh

Adwin Singh

Security Domain Lead – CISO Office

Inland Revenue NZ

Mr Adwin Singh - at the forefront of cybersecurity excellence.

With a career dedicated to safeguarding digital landscapes and fostering information security, I currently serve as a Cyber Security Domain Lead, my mission is clear: to fortify our organization's defences and ensure that our security measures align seamlessly with the overarching business objectives. My journey in the realm of cybersecurity has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to securing digital assets in an ever-evolving landscape. I am dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and ensuring that the security measures I help implement not only safeguard organizations but also empower it to thrive at the forefront of cybersecurity excellence.



Keynote Panel: Re-evaluating your cyber-security governance and framework in a time of rapidly developing cyber-threats

  • How the threat landscape is evolving on home soil: APTs, AI driven attacks, IoT vulnerabilities, phishing, ransomware risk.

  • Enhancing your cyber-security posture to accommodate for developing threats without adding un-due risk.

  • Enabling cross-functional collaboration – developing holistic cyber governance strategies that align with organisational goals.

  • Exploring the capabilities and limitations of using artificial intelligence and automation to achieve real-time threat detection and response.

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