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Anafrid Bennet

Anafrid Bennet

Head – Technology, Security and Property

Greater Western Water

With a career dedicated to safeguarding digital landscapes and fostering information security, I currently serve as a Cyber Security Domain Lead, my mission is clear: to fortify our organization's defences and ensure that our security measures align seamlessly with the overarching business objectives. My journey in the realm of cybersecurity has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to securing digital assets in an ever-evolving landscape. I am dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and ensuring that the security measures I help implement not only safeguard organizations but also empower it to thrive at the forefront of cybersecurity excellence.



International Keynote: People as the Cornerstone of Cyber Resilience

  • Anafrid Bennet is a rising star in the cybersecurity arena, currently serving as the Head of Technology, Security & Property at Greater Western Water in Melbourne. An empathetic leader and passionate advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the technology industry, Anafrid has been recognised with several prestigious awards. Most recently, Anafrid was honoured as the Next CIO winner for 2023 at the CIO50 Awards and awarded 4th place in the Chief Security Officer (CSO 30) Australian 2022 Awards.

  • A strong believer in teamwork, collaboration, and valuing people, Anafrid leads by example and ensures that cybersecurity becomes a part of daily conversations across her organisation. In her keynote, Anafrid will delve into the pivotal role people play as the cornerstone of cyber resilience, exploring strategies for cultivating a community of collaborative cyber champions. She will also highlight the importance of adapting our shared security mindset in a time of rapidly evolving cyber threats and digital transformation.

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