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Andrew Dixon

Andrew Dixon



Andrew translates geek into Human.

He spends his working life at Mercury helping EVERYONE on staff to understand that they are ALL an important part of security team.

After hours he builds great communities like “Combat Robotics NZ” and the “TAP Lab makerspace”.
At the start of the Pandemic he was in charge of coordination for the ShieldsUp charity, an enterprise that harnessed 250 volunteers from Kaitaia to Invercargill; designing, manufacturing, and delivering PPE to frontline healthcare workers – all of this during full lockdown, and funded only by donations.
COVID was the threat actor, The team of 5 million was the target, that was incident response on steroids.



Mini Table-Top Exercise

‘No two attacks are the same, when it comes to incident response there are no perfect answers – but some are definitely better than others! In this session we will be guided through a “choose your own adventure” table-top exercise. How your team organises and responds is up to the collective wisdom of your team. Only time will tell who will prevail or perish. After our adventure is completed, we will gather and share the lessons learned.’

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