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2024 Agenda

Day One - Tuesday, 19 March 2024


Registration and Morning Refreshments


Opening Karakia


Chairperson's Opening Address

Dila Beisembayeva.jpg

Dila Beisembayeva, Senior Implementation Lead (Micro-credentials), Te Pūkenga



Opening Keynote: Navigating Aotearoa New Zealand’s evolving cyber threat landscape and building collective cyber-resilience

  • Exploring emerging cybersecurity risks in Aotearoa New Zealand and best practices to build collective resilience as a nation.

  • How the GCSB works to protect New Zealand's systems, networks and information from attacks.

  • Understanding the implications of current geopolitical events on New Zealand's cybersecurity.

James Hurndell_edited_edited.jpg

James Hurndell, Manager, Threat Analysis and Intelligence, Cyber Defence Operations, National Cyber Security Centre


International Keynote: People as the Cornerstone of Cyber Resilience

  • Anafrid Bennet is a rising star in the cybersecurity arena, currently serving as the Head of Technology, Security & Property at Greater Western Water in Melbourne. An empathetic leader and passionate advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the technology industry, Anafrid has been recognised with several prestigious awards. Most recently, Anafrid was honoured as the Next CIO winner for 2023 at the CIO50 Awards and awarded 4th place in the Chief Security Officer (CSO 30) Australian 2022 Awards.

  • A strong believer in teamwork, collaboration, and valuing people, Anafrid leads by example and ensures that cybersecurity becomes a part of daily conversations across her organisation. In her keynote, Anafrid will delve into the pivotal role people play as the cornerstone of cyber resilience, exploring strategies for cultivating a community of collaborative cyber champions. She will also highlight the importance of adapting our shared security mindset in a time of rapidly evolving cyber threats and digital transformation.

Anafrid Bennett.png

Anafrid Bennet, Head – Technology, Security & Property, Greater Western Water


Partner Presentation: Implementation of Identity governance and administration at scale

In this session Air New Zealand will discuss their Identity Governance journey with SailPoint including:  

  • The Benefits realised through the implementation of an IGA program.   

  • Discuss the Challenges / Opportunities of Data cleanliness, people, and change. 

  • The Journey from inception to today 

Raymond Dickinson.jpg
Pamela Tung TEMP.jpg

Raymond Dickinson, Country Manager NZ, SailPoint 

Pamela Tung, Delivery Enablement Chapter, Cyber Security and Identity Tribe, Air New Zealand


Keynote Panel: Re-evaluating your cyber-security governance and framework in a time of rapidly developing cyber-threats

  • How the threat landscape is evolving on home soil: APTs, AI driven attacks, IoT vulnerabilities, phishing, ransomware risk.

  • Enhancing your cyber-security posture to accommodate for developing threats without adding un-due risk.

  • Enabling cross-functional collaboration – developing holistic cyber governance strategies that align with organisational goals. 

  • Exploring the capabilities and limitations of using artificial intelligence and automation to achieve real-time threat detection and response.

Daniel Aldam_edited.jpg

Moderator: Dila Beisembayeva, Senior Implementation Lead (Micro-credentials), Te Pūkenga 

Adwin Singh.jpg

Adwin Singh, Security Domain Lead – CISO Office, Inland Revenue NZ

Jean-Pierre Walle.jpg

Jean-Pierre Walle, Group Manager Security Assurance, Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

Martin bleakley.jpg

Martin Bleakley, Chief Information Security Officer, Laybuy


Networking Bingo & Morning Tea



Partner Presentation: Cyber Threat Landscape in New Zealand: 2024 and Beyond

  • Explore the cyber threat landscape trends & predictions for 2024,

  • Discuss what these mean to cyber defenders in New Zealand enterprises and

  • Uncover the latest intelligence from FortiGuard Labs on the most pressing cyber threats, at both global and regional levels.

Glenn Maiden.jpg

Glenn Maiden, Director of Threat Intelligence Operations, FortiGuard Labs ANZ

Joshua Alcock.png

Joshua Alcock, Principal Security Strategist, Fortinet


Introduction to Breakout Sessions

Delegates will have a choice to attend two rotating 30-minute informal and interactive breakout sessions. This is a terrific opportunity to discuss, gain new insights and solve challenges that your organisation may be facing.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout A: What is Needed to Run a Successful Identity Security Program​

This session will discuss and cover some of the key considerations when a business embarks on an identity security program of work. These considerations are important to ensure that the program is successful.  

• Sharing insights and lessons learned from identity security programs in New Zealand 

• Discussing quick wins you can you achieve in delivering Identity Security outcomes, to provided assurance & confidence to the business. 

• Business case development 

Raymond Dickinson, Country Manager NZ, SailPoint 

Breakout B:  Strategies to combat sophisticated cybercrime and state-sponsored threats for NZ Enterprises

Glenn Maiden, Director of Threat Intelligence Operations, FortiGuard Labs ANZ

Joshua Alcock, Principal Security Strategist, Fortinet

Breakout C:  Harnessing Generative AI in Cybersecurity – Understand the risks and challenges and insights into lessons learnt.

Brian Zerafa, Regional Director, NetSkope  

Breakout D:  A Strategic Approach To Data Security: Improving Governance, Reducing Risk and Streamlining Compliance

John Roxburgh, Region Manager NZ & Islands, Forcepoint


Networking Lunch





Mini Table-Top Exercise

  • ‘No two attacks are the same, when it comes to incident response there are no perfect answers – but some are definitely better than others! In this session we will be guided through a “choose your own adventure” table-top exercise. How your team organises and responds is up to the collective wisdom of your team. Only time will tell who will prevail or perish. After our adventure is completed, we will gather and share the lessons learned.’

Andrew Dixon.JPG

Andrew Dixon, Director, Meshed.NZ

Antonio Radich.jpg

Antonio Radich, Cybersecurity Delivery Lead, Mercury NZ


Sharing of Learnings


Afternoon Tea



Panel: Weaving cybersecurity into the corporate fabric of your business through a people centric mindset

  • Cultivating and maintaining a business-wide culture of good cyber behaviour and awareness.

  • Building cyber-resilience and demystifying cyber-security through gamification.

  • Executive buy-in: advocating for cyber-security as a business priority and investment – how to align cybersecurity initiatives and investments with business outcomes to secure buy-in.

Raymond Dickinson.jpg

Moderator: Raymond Dickinson, Country Manager, New Zealand, Sailpoint

Brett Williams.jpg

Brett Williams, Head of Cyber Services, Bank of New Zealand

Kate Pearce.png

Kate Pearce, Head of Security, Trade Me


Chairperson’s Closing Address


End of Summit Day One and Networking Drinks


VIP Networking Dinner – brought to you by Fortinet – INVITATION ONLY

A challenging future: The cyber operational environment 2024 and beyond 

Malicious Nation States. Ransomware. Global wars and societal unrest. Organised Cybercriminal Marketplace. AI. Quantum. 2024 sees us on the edge of profound change. We are interconnected globally like never before. Every single one of us – individually and organisationally – are now a legitimate target for aggressive global cyber threat actors who enjoy unprecedented reach. Our precious IP, Personal Information and Critical Infrastructure are at threat. 

Based on the unrivalled Fortinet threat intelligence, this session will provide overview of the 2024 threat environment, the emerging threats, trends and priority issues for CISOs. The session will conclude with advice on building resilience in the face of these threats, with a view to setting the scene for the subsequent discussion. 

Jack Chan_edited.jpg
James Hurndell_edited_edited.jpg

Moderator: Jack Chan, APAC Field CTO, FortiGuard Labs ANZ

James Hurndell, Manager, Threat Analysis and Intelligence, Cyber Defence Operations, National Cyber Security Centre 

Day 2

Day Two - Wednesday, 20 March 2024


Morning Refreshments


Chairperson's Opening Address

Vimal Kumar.jpg

Vimal Kumar, Senior Lecturer, Head of the Cyber Security Lab, The University of Waikato



International Keynote: Building cyber-security maturity to enhance your organisation’s security posture​​

  • Implementing and developing cyber-security initiatives from the ground up 

  • Developing and leading high-performing cyber teams  

  • Ensuring organisation-wide awareness of emerging risks 

Daniel Aldam, Chief Information Security Officer, Keolis Downer


Panel: Fortifying Supply Chains and Remote Networks within a Zero Trust Framework 

  • Implementing a Zero Trust framework to mitigate risks and enhance resilience in remote network environments  

  • Strategies for integrating robust identity management practices within your supply chain  

  • Best practices to identify, assess and manage vulnerabilities across remote networks and supply chains  

  • Elevating visibility across complex and remote networks to effectively manage identity  

Chris Bergin TEMP.jpg

Moderator: Chris Bergin, National Business & Mimecast Manager, Chillisoft 

Ofer Reshef.JPG

Ofer Reshef, Head of Information Security and Digital Risk, Entain Australia & New Zealand

Tejashwini Singh Verma TEMP.jpg

Tejashwini Singh Verma, Senior Auditor – Technology & Process, Fletcher Building 

Vijendra Singh, Group Information Technology Manager, Solar Hub New Zealand and Fiji 

Andrew Menet, Cyber Security Manager, T and G Global Limited 


Morning Tea



Presentation: AI's Dual Impact on Aotearoa's Digital Landscape

  • How AI and ML are poised to transform and disrupt your business.

  • Responsible AI development and deployment; ensuring a sustainable and ethical approach.

  • The Double-Edged Sword: Balancing innovation and security.

Sean Muller.jpg

Sean Muller, Senior Solution Architect AI & Data, Woolworths Supermarkets


Partner Presentation: Data Sovereignty with an outsourced MDR service and New Zealand localised Threat Intelligence feed

Brad Collins 2024_edited.jpg

Brad Collins, ESET Enterprise and MSP Business Manager, Chillisoft


Introduction to Breakout Sessions

Delegates will have a choice to attend two rotating 30-minute informal and interactive breakout sessions. This is a terrific opportunity to discuss, gain new insights and solve challenges that your organisation may be facing.

Interactive Breakout Sessions

Breakout A: All-In-One or Best-Of-Breed? Which platform play is best in today’s cyber threat landscape?'

A discussion to investigate if the advantages of single security vendor consolidation outweighs the benefits of a unified multi-vendor solution ecosystem. 

Anthony Rowell, Channel Account Manager, ChilliSoft 

Breakout B: Data Protection and the Growing Need for Effective Data Discovery

Data protection laws are constantly changing and growing around the world, posing new challenges for organisations that need to comply with different rules in different places. How can organisations keep their data safe and compliant in this dynamic environment? 


Join us for a lively roundtable discussion, where we will explore:  

• How organisations are adapting to the current and future data protection regulations, and what strategies they are using to stay compliant  

• How data discovery can help organisations achieve data security and privacy for compliance – the process of identifying data, such as personal information, and managing it in both on-premises or in cloud-based environments  

• What the biggest emerging technology risks to data security are and how businesses can prepare themselves to manage these risks effectively, emphasising the need to retain clear visibility of data when adopting new and emerging technologies 

Discover the secrets to data protection and security with us in this interactive session. Share your views, stories and tips to help us all stay ahead of the game. 

Khoder El-Ali, Director of Sales (Asia Pacific), Ground Labs

Breakout C: Strategies to combat sophisticated cybercrime and state-sponsored threats for NZ Enterprises  

Glenn Maiden, Director of Threat Intelligence Operations, FortiGuard Labs ANZ 

Breakout D: How to manage the Enterprise Attack Surface effectively

Enterprise applications and infrastructure are often implemented through a set of architecture guidelines, which, once implemented, are difficult to verify for their effectiveness. Threat actors are having an easy time because many of the assets that form part of the infrastructure are hidden from the view of operators and are effectively unmanaged. 

Join us for an engaging roundtable discussion, where we will explore: 

  • What is shadow IT, and why does it pose a considerable risk to my infrastructure? 

  • What solutions are available to gain visibility of all my IT assets? 

  • How can I keep up with patching all the different IT assets when there are just too many? 

  • How do I know that security fixes implemented yesterday are still effective today? 


Join us in this interactive session to discover the benefits of Attack Surface Management for your enterprise. Share your war stories, opinions, and insights to help us all to stay ahead of the rising tide of threats to New Zealand’s critical infrastructure. 

Joerg Micheel, Head of Security Practice, OSS Group Ltd 

Prann Rawal, Partner Technical Specialist – Security, IBM New Zealand 

Nik Bojovic, Brand Partner Specialist – Security, IBM New Zealand


Networking Lunch



Prize Draw


Explanation of how the Unconference sessions will run



Jenni McNeil.jpg

In the unconference session, delegates will break into groups and engage in open discussion about key challenges facing the cyber security industry. Discussion will be under Chatham House rules and will allow delegates to gain new insights from other industry experts. 

Interactive Session 1: Effectively communicating the value of cybersecurity to the board and greater organization 

Jenni McNeil, Head of Information Security, Contact Energy

Raymond Dickinson.jpg

Interactive Session 2: Identifying and Mitigating Insider Threats

Raymond Dickinson, Country Manager NZ, SailPoint

Kevin Glynn_edited.jpg

Interactive Session 3: Adapting to changing customer behaviour 

Kevin Glynn, GM Customer and Digital Experience, Auckland Transport 

Xanthe Sulzberger - TEMp.jpg

Interactive Session 4: Overseeing the ethical use of AI and big data analytics while maintaining regulatory compliance 

Xanthe Sulzberger, Head of Data Governance & Strategy, NZ Post 

Prabhu Singh.jpg

Interactive Session 5: Addressing skill shortages in critical areas such as IT, digital space and data science, and managing talent effectively 

Prabhu Singh, Director of Transformation, Sky New Zealand 



Keynote Panel: Navigating the war on talent and what your next-gen workforce could look like

  • Cultivating a culture of continuous learning and innovation: Strategies for attracting, retaining, and upskilling diverse talent to match evolving skill sets.

  • How DE&I can solve talent shortages and contribute to a stronger, more innovative workforce.

  • Leveraging technology to alleviate the talent crunch.

  • Actionable strategies for successfully engaging remote and distributed teams – especially in the context of today’s remote work and global talent shortages.

  • Mentoring the future – strategies for attracting and mentoring Gen Z talent in a time of industry-wide shortages.

Marissa Brindley_edited.jpg

Moderator: Marissa Brindley, Head of Tech & Innovation, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

Steve James.jpg

Steve James, General Manager of Technology, Woolworths

Lena Jenkins.jpg
Lee Timutimu .jpg

Lena Jenkins, Chief Digital Officer, Waste Management NZ Ltd

Lee Timutimu, Founder, Te Matarau – The Māori Tech Association, Co-Founder, N8V, Membership & Community Advisor, InternetNZ Ipurangi Aotearoa


Chairperson’s Closing Address


Closing Karakia, Networking Drinks & End of Summit

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